Where can you try Odoo?

If you are a technical person, probably you would like to install Odoo on your local machine in order to try its functionality and the rest of the technical staff. But, for those who don’t want to spend any time installing it before to trying it, there are few places where you can do that.

The first place is the official Odoo page. Here you can create an account and you will get 15 days trial period, during which you can try various modules that are in the official Odoo repo. At the moment of writing this, the exact number of different modules is 406.

The second place where you can try Odoo is http://runbot.odoo.com/. This is an environment where you can try different branches and different versions of Odoo. You can choose between two databases. The first one is where all modules are installed and the second is only with basic modules. The credentials for logging to these databases are admin/admin.

The third place where you can try Odoo is https://runbot.odoo-community.org. You can use this environment if you want to check some modules developed by OCA. In the previous two sources, you can work only with functionalities developed in the official Odoo branch. It works in the same way as official Odoo runbot and you can log in into a database with the same username and password.

It depends on your needs which of these sources is the right for you. If you need an Odoo instance of the latest released Enterprise version and you want to continue working in Odoo after the trial period, then use the number one option. Otherwise, if you want to check some functionalities with demo data and all the modules that are installed, use the second option. Finally, if you want to try some OCA modules, definitely you need to use the third one. Please take into consideration that when you use some of the runbot environments, there are branches that are in development phase and as a result of that, you may encounter some issues.

If you have any other source where Odoo is deployed for testing, please share it as a comment on this post.

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