Developer mode in Odoo

In Odoo, there is a special functionality for developers called “Developer Mode”. By enabling this mode, you will have access to more advanced features in the system such as views overview, database structure, security settings etc. Also, by pointing the cursor on a field you will get detailed overview of the field. That is one of the functionalities I have found very helpful.

You will be able also to edit all of these settings, but I would not suggest editing some of them, especially if you want to have more than one database. In such a case, you want to make some customization in the database structure or views, I always recommend creating a custom module. In that way, you can have the changes on multiple databases simply by installing the module.

The developer mode in Odoo can be activated by opening “About” popup window and clicking on the “Activate the developer mode” button.

Activate the developer mode

Another way is by adding “?debug=” , after the main URL

Main URL: https://localhost:8069/web#home
Developer mode: https://localhost:8069/web?debug=#home

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