How to create an invoice from multiple Delivery Orders in Odoo v8

If you use Odoo v8 you can create an invoice from multiple Delivery Orders in the following way:

  • Open the Delivery Order’s list view and select the Delivery Orders from which you want to create an invoice. The important think is all selected Delivery Orders to have the same partner
  • From the “More” menu choose the option “Create Draft Invoices”
  • Select  the option “Group By partner” on the wizard that will show up
  • Click on the button “Create”  after filling rest of the fields on the wizard and you are done.

Please note that the Delivery Orders need to be created from Sales Orders in order to be invoiceable.



  1. István Kürtösi

    Hi OdooNinja!
    I think the idea behing this blog is very interesting, I was thinking to lauch some similar blog. Keep on doing!
    Our aim is to have a summary of invoices belonging to the same…Partner, ie. to the same Company, which has more Contacts. Sometimes this Contact orders, sometimes another…but all invoice should be aggregated to the same Client of us. Actually the naming convention of Odoo is confusing as there are: Customers, Patners, Contacts.

    My question is for this post:
    – The important think is all selected Delivery Orders to have the same partner – you mean the Contacts the Delivery Orders created should be linked to the same Partner?
    – Why do you user the More/Create Draft Invoices process? There is a button “Create Invoice”, where the wizard offers “Group by Partner”. so is there any specific reason you do different?

    Thank you,


    1. admin

      Hi Pilu,

      First of all, thank you for your questions.

      About the first question, I mean all delivery orders need to have the same Delivery Order’s “Partner”(This is a field in the Delivery Order).

      About the second question, actually, Odoo use the same wizard for both cases. But in your case, you have only one Delivery Order, how Odoo can group one Delivery Order I am not sure because you need to have multiple orders in order to group them. In the case explained in the post you can select multiple Delivery Orders from the list view and for all of them you can create only one invoice by selecting the field “Group By Partner”.


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