You may want to know

What is Odoo Ninja:

Odoo Ninja is a blog with main purpose to make your process of learning and using Odoo smoother.

Who is behind Odoo Ninja:

I am a regular guy who is working as  a software engineer for more than 5 years. My  hobby is cooking and doing yoga my routine. I fall in love with Odoo before two years and from then I am using it on a daily basis.

How  the idea of Odoo Ninja was born:

During the process of learning Odoo I have faced with many situations where I lost quite long time to resolved issues for which I couldn’t find enough information. Every new tip and trick that I have learn during this process I wrote in a notebook and till today the list become quite big.  I have found them very helpful in my everyday tasks, therefore, I have decided to share them with you and on that way to help you in your working process with Odoo.

What you can expect from Odoo Ninja:

Following period you can expect every Monday a short tip related with Odoo.

Who is Odoo Ninja aimed at:

Odoo Ninja is aimed at developers who work or intend to work with Odoo and individuals who use Odoo or plan to use it.

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